How to use an Electric Shaver?

Choose the shaver that best fits your needs. Read men’s forums or consult a grooming specialist, like a barber who specializes in facial shaves, to understand how your facial hair grows and the correct technique to approach the contours of your face. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and has a different texture so be aware of what features benefit you most.

•   While electric shavers are mostly used for dry shaving, new models can also be used for wet shaving as well. However, new wet models may be pricey.

•   The best electric shaver reviews can help you determine which shavers suits your price point. Some shavers may be overpriced based on added features that you do not need for your specific hair type.

Wash your face. Warm water, a hot shower, or a warm face cloth will help soften your beard and thus make it easier to get a clean shave.

Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of any dirt that has built up. If you have sensitive skin, consult a skin care specialist to find out what cleanser is best for you.

Wet a washcloth with hot water if you don’t have time to shower. Hold it to your beard/stubble for a few minutes.

Ensure your blade is sharp. It is recommended that you replace these at least once a year, or you will fail to get a good shave, and may end up irritating your skin.

Hold the shaver in your dominant hand. For example, if you use your right hand to write, also use it to shave. Use your off hand to hold your skin tight as you go over your skin with the shaver. Make sure to shave against the grain if you want a closer shave but careful to take your time for best results.

•   Hold the shaver at right angles to your face as your other hand pulls the skin taught to ensure hairs stand upright. This will also create maximum skin contact which reduces shaving time and minimizes snagging

Allow your face to adjust. It usually takes about 2 weeks to adjust to an electric shaver but during this time, the oils from your shaver will blend with those of your face.

Use an alcohol based pre-shave. Alcohol based products will remove dirt and your skin’s natural oil (sebum) from your skin and make your facial hair stand straight up. A powder version can be used if you find alcohol to be an irritant.

•   Most pre-shave products include ingredients like vitamin E to ensure that your skin is protected and irritation is reduced.

•   There are some products like pre-shave optimizer and pre shave oil that can improve the effectiveness of an electric shaver. Consult a skin care specialist to find out what best works for your skin. Stick to your skincare routine once you’ve found what works for you.

Find the grain of your facial hair. Rub the places where your facial hair grows and the direction that feels smooth is the direction that’s “with the grain.” This other direction will give resistance when you rub it. This is “against the grain.”

It does not matter whether your facial hair is straight, curly or coarse, learning the direction it grows allows you to avoid irritation and in-grown hairs

Shave your cheeks and the side of your face. Shave with the grain, usually from the top towards your jaw.

•   Shaving against the grain gives a closer shave but is an easy way to cut yourself and you run the risk of cutting hair below the skin level, which creates ingrown hairs. These are also known as razor bumps because the whisker grows into the surrounding tissue instead of out of the pore, which causes inflammation and possible infection

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